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Cap A Capo

Cap A Capo
Hometown: Newtown, Australia Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: MySpace Profile
Band Members: Tome: Gui and vox
Felix: Gui and vox
Kaspar: Drums and vox
Gabe: Bass and vox

Cap A Capo Bio:

CAPACAPO formed in late 07 in the arse-end of Sydney's inner west and have been raping and pillaging the local gig circuit regularly ever since. Featuring members and ex members of heaps of local bands (none of which are any good), cap a capo is a must for any successful corporate function . Our songs are about the way we see our surroundings, from the point of view of some young derro kids living in a fukd up place with a friendly face (the total wank that is 21st century suburban Australia.) Topics delved into range from political subjects like indigenous australia, music piracy, 'law enforcement' (well.. rail cops), yuppies and so on, to ever important issues like society's need to drink more and just fucking chill out and have a jam for fuck's sake.... We believe you shouldn't have to pay for music, and we aim to make our shows, merch n recordings free wherever possible. Music is for everyone! We play with famous bands all the time for example Streetlight Manifesto, Area 7, Dayglo Abortions etc, not to mention all the rad local bands that would be famous if they were from the Northern Hemisphere such as (to name a few): The Disadvantaged, The Black Market, Steppin Razor, Sticky Fingers, Uberskunk and heaps more. If I didnt name your band just then its cos i hate you... and we recently rocked a brief tour of Brisbane and the Gold Coast too. Our full length album is out now.

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  1. punkacrosstheglobe
    PunkAcrossTheGlobe7/30/2012 5:54 AM | Permalink

    Looking for Ska bands to feature on our ‘Ska Punk International’ compilation. If you’re interested there is information on what we’re about and how to submit on our profile.


    Kyle Thunder
    Punk Across The Globe

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