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Hometown: Long Island, New York Current Label: Revelation Records Websites: MySpace Profile
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Band Members: christopher - drums
robert - guitar
joseph - vocals

Capital Bio:

After the breakup of The Reformation in summer 2004, remaining members Von and Rob teamed up with Joey, and back with Duncan soon after. We wrote 7 songs and joked that since we ripped Silent Majority off so much, we might as well just get Tommy to sing for us. We gave him a demo and he liked it, and even came to practice. Then we recorded 9 songs inside a Kindergarten ourselves and released it as our "eXtreme demo" / first record "Signal Corps". Revelation Records found out about us and asked to put our another record with them. In Spring 2007 we went back to the same Kingergarden with Phil (Latterman, Small Arms Dealer, Iron Chic) recording us this time. We released "Homefront" in Fall 2007 and have been playing pretty much every Crime In Stereo show on Long Island, and then we all go back to work on Monday morning.

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