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C.C. Potato

C.C. Potato
Hometown: LA Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Facebook Profile
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Band Members: Jacob Delott- Bass/Lead Vocals
Alex Loughborough- Guitar/Backup Vocals
Jake Bell- Drums

C.C. Potato Bio:

C.C. POTATO was birthed in 2016 from the filthy streets of Los Angeles, the creation of music school friends Jacob Delott (vocals/bass) and Jake Bell (drums). Burned out after playing hundreds of shows together as country backup musicians, the pair discovered their mutual love of punk rock, and the bands they grew up listening to like Rancid, Green Day, and NOFX. Joined by guitarist Deen Anbar the band released their debut album The Upper Decker that same year.

2017 would see Deen leave the band shortly after the recording of their second album The Best Of The Worst, and was replaced by guitarist/vocalist Alex Loughborough. A mutual friend of Jacob's from their high school days and a recent transplant to L.A. from Austin scene, Alex joined full time while also playing with Texas skate punks Sober Daze.

Operating under the mantra "work harder, not smarter", C.C. POTATO has been singing their tales of humor and woe across the west coast ever since. A mix of brash up tempo nihilism and darkly funny sing-alongs, C.C. POTATO is a fresh take on an old idea.

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