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Chainsaw Bitch Acoustic

Chainsaw Bitch Acoustic
Hometown: Ste-Perpétue-de-l'Islet Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Alexandre Vézina

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The project called Chainsaw Bitch Acoustic started around the beginning of the 2011 year. At a younger age, I've always been in a punk or hardcore band, playing with friends just for fun. The bad thing with bands is that it's all over when the drummer quits the city for university studies or for their model carreer. Bassists, also tend to never learn to play in time(they only have four strings on their guitar and only play with the big one; People that devellop an incredible passion for a bass are generally weird and boring).

My first kid was born in 2007, and I sort of stopped playing music. Now that my two boys are fully grown and capable of working 50hours a week in a craft, I have more time to invest time in a music project.

This is it, I'm Alexandre Vézina, form Ste-Perpétue-de-l'Islet and I will tear your fucking ears down with my shitty music. YEAH! (At this point you have propably noticed I hate biographys... so.. *sight)

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