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Chris Duke and The Royals

Chris Duke and The Royals
Hometown: Sydney, Australia Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: MySpace Profile
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Band Members: Ashee - Trumpet / Vox
J-Nev - Bass
Yods - Drums
Pegs - Vox
Ceeds - Guitar / Vox
Andy - Trombone / Vox

Chris Duke and The Royals Bio:

Chris Duke and The Royals are a Sydney-based six-piece party punk / ska band whose high energy, low-cholesterol gigs have been entertaining literally dozens of fans (citation needed) since 2005. Their contagious blend of lyrical wit, an upbeat sound and dynamic stage shows have been well-received in many Australian cities, with the possible exception of Ulladulla, and they have been fervently described by promoters as ‘One of Sydney’s most punctual bands’.

The band was originally formed as a joint-venture by guitarist Chris Duker and drummer Josh Gumley, as a way to re-coup financial losses sustained during their year-long stint with the adults-only, all-male dancing troupe ‘The Gyration Nation’. Though proud of their achievements in the field of ‘mentertainment’, they yearned for a new life, free of the rigours of weekly full-body waxing. Thus arose from the ashes, ‘Chris Duke and The Royals’.

Immediate success was not forthcoming, however, as the obvious necessity of a drum-kit played havoc with their conditioned choreography. To improve their look and sound they expanded the band, first adding Chris’ own brother and vocalist Peg, whose fledgling career in shadow puppetry had been anything but successful. Trumpeter and vocalist Ashley Wilderink was next to join the band, gleefully leaving her life as a pet clairvoyant behind. Having been successfully sued for her inability to correctly foresee the impending demise of a pomeranian housed with a pit-bull in her own practice’s waiting room, the timing was perfect for a change.

The Royals’ next addition was acquired somewhat by accident as, while perusing through ‘Men of Quilting, 2006 - The fundraising calendar’, they noticed listed under Mr February’s interests were ‘Quilting, long walks on the beach, and bass guitar’. An email to the publisher later and soon the band had become a five-piece, with Mr February - John Neville joining the fold. To round out the horn section, the band looked no further than Ebolagoldfish’s own Andy MacDougall. His rampant tromboning during previous shows had caught the band’s eye, and his willingness to explore any possible marriage of trombone and fireworks in order to create a unique audio-visual experience / fire hazard keeps everyone on their toes.

Chris Duke and The Royals have been plying their trade throughout the Sydney scene for years, having supported touring acts such as The Flatliners, Bedouin Soundclash, Guttermouth, Dan Potthast, Area-7, The Real Deal, The King Cannons and more, as well as touring the country on numerous occasions. Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Newcastle, Canberra and more have all experienced the Royals’ unique brand of party punk, as well as successful Sydney festivals such as ‘Blood, Sweat and Beers’ and the ‘Ska Weekenders’.

Chris Duke and The Royals will be releasing their third studio CD on the 25th of March 2011 at the Annandale Hotel, Sydney, where they will be playing all their newest tunes, as well as songs from their previous releases, ‘Mega Awesome Kapow’ (2009) and ‘Scissors, Paper, Rock’ (2007). And for those looking to feel a little nostalgic, the show will also contain a full reproduction of ‘The Lion King’ soundtrack by the band, with a little bit of a ‘CDATR’ feel.

‘Chris Duke and The Royals’ ingredients: Ceeds, Peg, Yods, Ash, J-Nev, Andy. (May contain traces of brass). To be taken aurally twice a day, or more if recommended by a suitably fervent fan.

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