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Cobra Skulls

Cobra Skulls
Hometown: Reno, Nevada Current Label: Fat Wreck Chords Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Tony Teixeira
Devin Peralta
Luke Swarm

Cobra Skulls Bio:

Cobra Skulls were formed in Reno, NV in 2005 by Devin Peralta (bass, vocals), Charlie Parker (guitar) and Chad Cleveland (drums). They released an EP titled Draw Muhammad in 2006. The EP caught the attention of Red Scare Industries who signed the band and released their debut album Sitting Army in 2007. They released a 7" titled Never Be a Machine in 2008.

To promote the album the band went on tour with Against Me!, Mad Caddies, and The Loved Ones, opening shows for them. During the 2007 tour the band added a second guitarist Adam Beck.

On August 20, 2008, the band announced they had parted ways with guitarist Charlie Parker.


  1. Abdulla5/9/2012 8:06 AM | Permalink

    We must buy it and support it all the way to contuer the leaks/illegal downloading. Let’s stop the whining and support the shit out of these fucks. And spread the word!See thats where you’re wrong. The label is literally changing creativity with the artist, and by making it only 8 songs, when they know there is plenty more, is a way to make a buck twice over by having them put out another record for the rest of the songs, all the while being at a ridiculous price prolly around 15 bucks. If you want to support the band to where they will actually benefit from your money, go to the shows, buy the merchandise. Buying the album only has them seeing around 10% of any of that. I’m not whining about this, I’m just not supporting a label. I’ll support the band all day, but not some label who doesn’t give a fuck about its client. After all, did Fred not back Napster when that was going? Just saying. He wants his music heard. Go to the shows and support these guys.

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    awesome job

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    Great effort

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    great song

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    sweet music

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    Ik on kar.

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