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Coffee Shower

Coffee Shower
Hometown: Italy Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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COFFEESHOWER started their rocking career in their hometown L’Aquila, the notorious small town in middle of Italy which was recently hit by a 6.3 magnitude earthquake. So let's go back to the year 2000. The Coffee boys made a pretty original use of the punk-rock ingredients right from the start, which made this band one of the most interesting acts around, compared to the thousands of 90’s core oriented bands from the local scene at that time. Their unique blend of breathtaking melodies and rough guitar riffs (in the veins of Down By Law, Avail, early Offspring, early Saves The Day, Hot Water Music, Bad Religion and why not also Police and The Cure) allowed them gaining pretty big fan support and local press attention along the way. Their 5-track self-released debut "A Product For The Youth Development" (2001) was sold out in few months and was eagerly reviewed on plenty of webzines around the punk planet. During their DIY years, they kept touring extensively across the state and several times abroad, also supporting such bands as MISCONDUCT, GAMITS, PUNKREAS, BEERBONG, FONZIE, FORTY WINKS, BELVEDERE, always shaking the audience with their terrific fast-paced songs and their energy-packed live shows. After their 2003 live performance at the INDEPENDENT DAYS FESTIVAL, Nh-N records (a small but hectic label from Italy) signed the band and released the split-cd “Split by Side”, featuring COFFEESHOWER together with the Dutch band DEPENDENT. The year 2005 was a year of change definitely. After another triumphant German tour and mostly due to line-up problems they stopped their touring activity for a while. During this sort of hiatus they practiced again as much as the first times and they wrote lots of new material. Then they came back with a bunch of new astonishing songs that actually caught the band in the act of growing up. Kinda rock tunes that sound like emo that meets punk in a bar and then they drink whiskey together while the barman sings the blues. The new hit “Black Tie” was published on the Punkster Magazine free sampler cd on January 2006. Then the time came for touring again. So, with a new guitarist on board, they appeared at HEINEKEN JAMMIN’ FESTIVAL (yeah, the same festival where METALLICA, DARKNESS and AVENGED SEVENFOLD have played!) and eventually they played the Switzerland date of TASTE OF CHAOS, sharing the main stage with such huge bands as TAKING BACK SUNDAY, ANTI-FLAG, UNDEROATH, SAOSIN and SENSES FAIL! After touring with Nitro Rec's MUCH THE SAME they started the new recordings. These recordings turned out to be more than a hassle for many reasons so they finally had to move to a different studio and start all over again. After the cool dates with CHUCK RAGAN the tragic earthquake hit their hometown L'Aquila. This massive tragedy of course changed some COFFEESHOWER plans for this year but after a few weeks only the Coffee boys were back on the road and finally managed to pull off their new album. A bunch of songs full of passion, sweat, hope and despair at the same time. After these recordings the bass player Emanuel left the bad due to personal commitments in his life. Anthony a dear old friend of Fausto and Pier is currently filling in on bass. They are in the process of seeking the new label now and making new touring plans. Don't fail to see these messengers of love and hate if they hit your town!


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