Coma Lies Nc

Coma Lies Nc
Hometown: Newcastle, Australia Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: MySpace Profile
Band Members: Reece - Vocals
Russ - Bass
Andy - Guitar
Josh - Guitar
Mitta - Drums

Coma Lies Nc Bio:

Hey ahh, you there. Yep. You sir. How would you like to fly to America, leaving behind your lovely blue and gold beaches, your laid-back lifestyle and friends and coffee that tastes like coffee, to go spend 2 months in a world you know no-one, have very little money eating food that either comes shrink-wrapped or comes in a bin, and attempt to record an album with world renowned producer, Steve Evetts. What? Yeh, that's him, he did Every Time I Die's last two albums, a shit tonne of Dillinger Escape Plan's stuff, oh yeh and Poison the Well's latest. Should I go on? So you're keen? Awesome. Get the money together and get back to us. Pardon? Yes, you're paying for it yourself... Well yeah it is a fucking lot of money, but you said... Listen, you want this to happen? You fork it out. No you can't ask any labels for money, stop being a pussy. Deal with it mate, now stop complaining and go work your arse off until you have the money and then we'll talk.


So how'd it go? You say you guys got all the recording done, but had to finish the vocals in Australia. What? Then after all that you parted ways with your vocalist and had to track ALL the vocals again with a new frontman? Well how's it sound? AMAZING! How much debt are you in?....

Ok I'm sorry I asked.

So after 12 months of shit hard work both with the band and your individual places of work, in order to make the money to make this happen, you've finally got your album, merch on the way, you've finally come to rest on a final line-up, and you've got a tour lined up to promote the album. What's next? Name changed to Coma Lies NC? Fair enough. Well fuck dudes I'm keen as to hear the new album and mosh my face off to ALL of your shows this year. Huh? Heading back to the United States of America to tour later this year? FUCKING HELL. I can't wait to see where this year takes you guys. Anyway, I'll catch ya round, good chatting with yas.

Your biggest fan,
Life Itself.

(Ps. sorry for being a bitch to you guys over the last year, I just enjoy fucking hard working bands over.)

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