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Comeback Kid

Comeback Kid
Hometown: Winnipeg, Canada Current Label: Nuclear Blast Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Andrew Neufeld
Jeremy Hiebert
Stu Ross
Ron Friesen
Jesse Labovitz

Comeback Kid Bio:

All great things have humble beginnings…and COMEBACK KID is no exception. Originating in 2002 as a way to put out some fast, energetic music, CBK has since turned into one of the most infectious forces in independent music today. Guitarist Andrew Neufeld was playing with prominent hardcore band Figure Four when he was presented with the opportunity to launch a new project, creating music different in style from Figure Four.

With a lineup that featured drummer Kyle Profeta, bassist Cliff Heide and fellow Figure Four guitarist Jeremy Hiebert, COMEBACK KID immediately began to write and play local shows - all squeezed in between Figure Four’s extensive touring schedule. After releasing Turn It Around in 2003, COMEBACK KID signed to Victory Records in 2005 and released the astonishing hardcore masterpiece, Wake The Dead. The new effort was a call to arms. It was life changing and life affirming. It was the communiqué that the restless youth of the world desperately needed. called it a “hands-down 10 out of 10.” Wake The Dead made COMEBACK KID one of the most celebrated hardcore bands of new millennium.

The band responded to the call and toured the globe several times over in honest hardcore fashion. They played any festival, VFW hall and basement that would have them. Countries that do not even speak the band’s language still understand the message and hailed COMEBACK KID as today’s premier hardcore band, making them one of the most successful bands in the genre.

In 2007, Neufeld replaced Scott Wade as lead vocalist, and the band entered the year with a new record that furthered their message of community and strengthened the perseverance and pride of the hardcore scene. Released on February 20th, 2007, Broadcasting… is the band’s monstrous collection of anthems that inspires listeners to tear into the pit, and chant along as if their lungs depended on it. It combines breakneck hardcore punk rock in the tradition of Minor Threat, Bad Brains and 7 Seconds with forward thinking lyrics and ferocious melodies similar to Rise Against, Rancid and Bad Religion. It is one of the band’s most ambitious records to date.

Since then, COMEBACK KID has toured relentlessly, sharing the stage with the likes of Rise Against, Silverstein, It Dies Today, Parkway Drive, and Shai Hulud. On October 14th, 2008, COMEBACK KID released a live album entitled Through The Noise. Recorded in Germany, the album features tracks from each of their studio albums: Wake The Dead, Turn It Around, and Broadcasting.... Delivering each of their hits with the energy and fury typical of their live shows, Through The Noise is essential listening for COMEBACK KID fans everywhere.


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