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Hometown: Boston / Brooklyn, Current Label: Epitaph Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: J. Bannon: Vocals, lyrics, visuals
Kurt Ballou: Guitar, backing vocals
Nate Newton: Bass, backing vocals
Ben Koller: Drums

Converge Bio:

Converge was formed in the winter of 1990 by Jacob Bannon and Kurt Ballou. They first started by playing covers of hardcore punk, punk rock and heavy metal songs, being self-confessed "hardcore kids with leftover Slayer riffs". The band soon graduated to playing live performances in 1991, after recording some demos on a 4-track recorder and eventually releasing full lengths including When Forever Comes Crashing and splits with bands like Agoraphobic Nosebleed.

In recent years, Converge have enjoyed relatively high levels of popularity, despite the esoteric nature of their music and the lack of media attention. Their popularity began to rise with the release of their breakthrough album, Jane Doe. During the recording of Jane Doe, long time member Aaron Dalbec who was also handling his then side project Bane was asked to leave the group so Aaron can focus on Bane resulting in a four man group that's still intact today. Their records have gradually become more expensively and extensively produced, having moved from the independent label Equal Vision Records to the much larger and more mainstream (yet still independent) punk label Epitaph Records while handling special releases on Jacob's record label, Deathwish Inc. with their latest albums You Fail Me and No Heroes.

According to the band's website, they are currently writing for a new album, due out in 2009 on Epitaph (vinyl on Deathwish).


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    nice song.

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    Really great song.

  14. Converge will release “You Fail Me – Redux” on June 17th4/29/2016 4:03 PM | Permalink

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    very nice.

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    Really nice song.

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    I like this song

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    I like your effort

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    Awesome keep it up .. great work

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    I love it

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