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Cousin Boneless

Cousin Boneless
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Facebook Profile
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Band Members: Chris Blake - Squeezebox / Guitar

Joey Schuller - Banjo

Jonny Snape - Washboard

Storm Shimp - Stand up Bass

Joe Miller - Trombone

Kyle Stinson - Singing Saw / Screams

Kenze - Saw / beauty vox

James Bristol - Stand up Bass /Mando

Aydin - Mando

Darya - Singing saw

Ben Roberson - Washtub Bass

+ all the other people who have ever been in our band, there are a lot


Cousin Boneless Bio:

Spooky Street Folk

4th River Music Collective

Singin' Ya Songs, Doin' Yr Dishes, Fallin' in Luv Witchya

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