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Cry Havoc (CT)

Cry Havoc (CT)
Hometown: New Britain, Connecticut Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Jonny Disaster : 1 throat, 6 strings
Scott Apathetic : 4 strings
Jesse Delinquent : 6 strings
Snyderock : 2 sticks

Cry Havoc (CT) Bio:

After the demise of the Walking Disasters in 2004, Jesse (guitar) and Jonny Disaster (bass) made an attempt at carrying on with a new drummer, a new name, and Jonny taking over on vocal duties. For the next 2 years they did very little except work, drink and write songs for a band that consisted of 2 people.

Enter Snyderock. Friends of Jesse and Jonny for years, Snyderock becoming the oh-so desired piece sounded perfect. After months of practicing drums, re-visiting songs and rehearsing guitar, the trio practiced together for the 1st time in the late spring of 2006.

Enter Scott. Another friend we had been trying to get into the band for years. It seemed that at last that the band was complete.

Cry Havoc! was decided upon as a name and since the 4 piece line up they have a nine song EP called "Preparation For Conquest" and their follow up record, entitled: " call for attention" has been released after a 2 year wait. Copies are available at shows and on for CHEAP.

Cry Havoc! has played out exstensivley all over new england with tons of awesome local and touring bands!!!


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    I like your effort

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