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Dead End Lane

Dead End Lane
Hometown: Baltimore, MD Current Label: One Foot In The Grave Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Erin Maltese - Lead Vocals
The Salacious T- Guitar & Back-up
Matt Corish - Bass and Back-up
Brandon Hirsch- Drums

Dead End Lane Bio:

Dead End Lane is a female fronted punk band from Baltimore whose members are servants to a possessed doll named Lurid. The vintage doll of unknown origin communicates to each band member telepathically during practice and shows and has been known to completely over power the mind of some or all of the band members during live performance. “If we can't think of a good riff or bass line we just stare at Lurid and it comes to us” said guitarist Tyler. Matt goes on to say that there are many shows he can't actually remember performing over the past four years and attributes this to the doll's overpowering influence. Lurid is also the likely cause of Dead End Lane's bad luck with drummers. Once a drummer made fun of Lurid and the doll just seems to be taking this out on us indefinitely explains lead singer Erin Demise. This is quite possibly true, as Dead End Lane has had 8 drummers to date, however current drummer Brandon seems to get on quite well with the Doll.

Lurid can be seen at all Dead End Lane performances, but be warned not to mock or make fun of Lurid in any way.

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