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Hometown: Calgary, Alberta Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: MySpace Profile
Band Members: Noel Napalm: Guitar, Vocals
Jesse Destruct Bass, Backup Vocals
Scotty Sears: Drums

Decoydecoy Bio:

Watch Decoydecoy in the privacy of their own jam space, and you'll forever refer to them as an old married couple. And you'd kind of be right. This band's roots weave deep through generations and genres, twisting around broken hearts, and seeded back in the fiery depths of teenaged mayhem in small town, Alberta. Before joining Noel Napalm's first band in high school, Jesse Destruct knew one thing about her: she was busted for selling drugs in junior high. Although most are 99% sure that\'s not a true story, but a product of the Cochrane rumour refinery (she also had a fling with David Hasselhoff), Jesse believed he'd be playing with the most extreme, bad-ass drummer in town. And when he picked up his bass to jam with her for the first time, it was that B-list movie, at-first-sight kind of love.

Their affection developed, briefly, into a whirlwind affair. But, they found true romance not in holding hands or making out behind the bleachers. Instead, a musical relationship took precedence, and they've been making love through their amps ever since. Eventually, Noel discarded her drum sticks, and met a guitar. She swooned. Sometimes, Jesse would set his bass aside to flirt with a synth. And that was hot too. Together, they experimented. At the Legion, they pounded out covers, learning from the bands they admired. At the Boys' and Girls' club, their hardcore songs made middle class, white kids feel a little more awesome. Busting out of Cochrane, they graced China Town with some danceable techno punk. With each new band, too many shared tragedies, and a whole lot of cymbal worthy punch lines, they grew. Genre after genre, drummer after drummer, Noel and Jesse pushed the limits of multiple musical identities. Until, one magical day in 2009, they finally found their perfect fit in Decoydecoy's sexy, rock punk (not to be confused with punk rock) sound.

Then, one awful night, a meth-head stole their gear at a show in Canmore (apparently he needed to make music more than they did). Despite the loss, they purchased new instruments and continued to play to an always growing fan base. After recording the band's first album, Pretty in Peril, at Echo Base, Noel and Jesse gratefully accepted the help of Casey Lewis as a temporary drummer. Having grown up playing to an audience of AFI posters in Noel's mom's basement, the band now found themselves opening for The Misfits, living out a high school fantasy. With their songs blaring from college stations across the country, they earned an interview on X92.9's Punk Show. It was that night that they'd seduce their newest member, from Calgary's own Alivia: Josh Demolish. In the years following his last band, Josh had not played. When he heard Decoydecoy on air, he found himself surprised that such a hard hitting sound came from a local band. Inspired to get back to his punk roots, he joined, and brought the band's total tattoo count up to one hundred and seven. This threesome is in love with each other and with you, as long as you're not breaking bad in Canmore.

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