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Die My Demon

Die My Demon
Hometown: Dendermonde, Belgium Current Label: Demons Run Amok Entertainment Websites: Facebook Profile
Band Members: Serge/Vocals - Christophe/Bass - Dennis/Guitar - Ali/Drums

Die My Demon Bio:

Die My Demon is a 90's East Coast style hardcore band from Dendermonde/Gent, Belgium; who started out as a side-project of DMD's 4-piece Sad Origin back in 1999. After recording a first demo and some local shows the band was put on hold.
Some later in 2001 they picked up the gloves for what turned out to be a hell of a ride. Releasing an EP “Love The Game - Hate The Players”, a split EP with 50 Caliber and a re-release of all the earlier work “Still Lovin’ The Game” on Filled With Hate Records made them play countless crazy shows throughout Europe. In 2004 they signed to Genet Records for their only full length to date, “Smell The Rat”.
Unfortunately, due to work, family and some internal struggles, the band called it quits, playing their last show in their hometown the 18th of March 2006.
In 2008 a couple of successful reunion shows were done, playing great fests in Belgium & Germany with an extended line-up including several past & present members: Wes, Christophe, Wim, Ali, Hans, Serge and supported by Jochen (Crawlspace/Full Court Press) on guitar.
Although DMD stopped, several of its members were involved in numerous other projects: Sad Origin, THL, The Boss, Crossed The Line, Whatever It Takes, Sunpower, Jerusalem The Black, Monkey C, … You can draw only one conclusion, once this music and scene gets in your blood it will be a part of you for the rest of your life, no matter what!
Eventually, early 2014, Pier, a close friend to the band for many years, managed to bring the band together for another local reunion show in April 2014. Never knowing that Ali, Serge, Christophe and Dennis, with an average age of close to 40 now, would find their groove and that DMD would turn out to be more alive than ever before.

After the release of the EP "Same world, different eyes" in 2015, DMD decided to continue writing new music for a new full album.
In Fall 2018 DMD hit the studio again. After 10 days 11 new songs where recorded.

The new album "Fear the one... that kills the soul" - nearly 4 years in the making - will be released in july 2019 and will be 100% worth the wait!

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