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Dieter Jackson

Dieter Jackson
Hometown: Hamburg, Germany Current Label: Janml Records Websites: Facebook Profile
Band Members: Marcino

Dieter Jackson Bio:

DIETER JACKSON is a classical Kiel/Hamburg-based NO-bullshit-NO-toughguy-4-piece-of-shit punkrock/rock’n’roll-band with an unpleasant liability to playing solos, because someone told them it’s cool (haha!).

You might be surprised to learn DIETER JACKSON are from Germany because they’re a rockband and for some Illuminati-reason don’t suck ass at ONE time. They’re totally too late for a hype, from the dirty, accented vocals to the signature drunk-in-the-club punkrock sound of bands like Devil Dogs, Gluecifer and stuff like that. You know the vibe – tight jeans, worn-out Chucks, low slung gits, gang vocals, cigarettes dangling from the lips – it’s all here in spades. Naaaaah!

And lucky as we all are, they’ve just put out a record called “Touché and Go” on JanML Records.

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