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Down By Fire

Down By Fire
Hometown: Tempe, Arizona Current Label: IN-n-OUT Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Mike - Vocals/Bass
Tyler - Guitar/Vocals
Justin - Guitar/Vocals
Jake - Drums

Down By Fire Bio:

In 2006, four ambitious ex-band mates from Phoenix, AZ came together to form Down By Fire. This fast, melodic, punk rock quartet decided it was time to leave a lasting impression on the punk rock scene forever. And since the release of their debut album, Reignition, DBF have done nothing less than make their mark, and have been gaining respect from some of the biggest names in the punk rock community along the way.

Largely focused on overcoming life‘s struggles, the new full-length album is a broad collection of diverse and thought provoking songs. Just one listen through Reignition, and you’re guaranteed to be raising your fist to those powerful gang vocals like in “Live Like You Mean It” and “Carry On,” and singing your heart out to the upbeat tunes like “Fight Your Battles” and “Madam Monroe.” It’s not all high speed tempos though, the album takes a turn and closes with, “19th & Union,” the epic anthem about friendships and memories.

These desert city boys have stepped it up a notch with touring as much as possible and letting nothing stand in their way. With album sales ranging worldwide, internet and street promotion are a daily priority. As far as this band has come in short time, they've got much further to go. Passion is back with a vengeance and it's name is Down By Fire.

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