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Eleven Fifty Seven

Eleven Fifty Seven
Hometown: Los Angeles, California Current Label: 80/20 Records Websites: MySpace Profile
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What is Eleven Fifty Seven? It’s more than just a time—more than just three minutes ‘till midnight. It is a revolution, no—a resolution, a resolution to the dynamic empire that is punk rock music. E.F.S. is one of Southern California’s uprising bands that display an enthusiastic love for playing music, connecting with their fan-base, and building quality friendships.

You could say success comes from trial and error that is, discovering what does or does not work. Is it making the best of the utilities at hand? Or is it that you determine your strengths and weaknesses, and find a way to evolve into a primarily productive unit? E.F.S. has created an optimistic sound that generates a euphoric harmony.

Former band-mates Mike Metro and Ben Leonard came together with the idea to create an unprecedented sound, and with the addition of Andy Barajas, are able to develop into future pioneers of musical fusion. Front man, Mike Metro says, “I’m optimistic with the direction we’re headed towards. I think we’ve brought together key pieces to making this thing work.” He’s right. E.F.S. has already generated an EP album, and is in the midst of having their work re-mixed and mastered and are currently working on their newest full length album, dubbed "Eleven Fifty Seven" which they set to release February 22nd, of 2010. Drummer, Ben “Ben-Jammin” Leonard says, “I’ve never had more fun developing not only myself, but each other as musicians. We’re able to connect on a musical level that allows us to be creative and original.” Their upbeat atmosphere is fuelled from challenging each other to perform to the best of their capabilities and joking around in order to maintain a positive environment. Bass player, Andy Barajas says, “I still don't even know what im doing here. Im just standing in the corner until someone realizes and says, Who let that guy in here?” With a tour building, non stop press, and positive things approaching, EFS has its cross hairs set on a spring 2010 tour which will be announced later this winter.

Eleven Fifty Seven is on the rise to optimistic success. They’ve established their musical career, developed an original sound, and are aiming much higher on the musical totem pole. They’re making their mark. The time is now. The time is Eleven Fifty Seven.

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