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Eve 6

Eve 6
Hometown: La Crescenta-Montrose, CA Current Label: Fearless Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Max Collins (vocals, bass, guitars, piano)
Tony Fagenson (drums, percussion)
Jon Siebels (guitar, backing vocals)

Eve 6 Bio:

Eve 6 makes songs people like. Eve 6 likes their own songs. Eve 6 likes songs from other musicians usually even more. But sometimes Eve 6's favorite songs are Eve 6 songs. "Inside Out", "Here's To The Night", and "Think Twice" are songs that people seemed to like even more than usual. Other well liked tunes are "Promise", "Anytime", and "Leech".

Eve 6's most well known song, "Inside Out", came out in the 90's, so some consider Eve 6 a 90s band. Now there's nothing wrong with the 90s. A fine decade to be sure. The Big Lebowski was released then. So were terrific albums by Green Day, Pete Droge, Depeche Mode, and Jawbreaker. But Eve 6 put out three albums between 1998-2003, the self-titled debut (1998), Horrorscope (2000), and It's All In Your Head (2003). Since most of their albums were released in the 2000s, Eve 6 only has two of it's six feet in the 90's. And yes, 6 feet=3 people, because Eve 6 is a trio.

Max Collins and Jon Siebels started Eve 6 (then called Yakoo, which turned into Eleventeen, which turned into Eve 6) in a La Crescenta, CA high school in 1995. Tony Fagenson joined the following year. They went on to release lots of music, tour the world, and have a jolly old time. But even with hit singles and healthy numbers of super-excellent fans, life on the road took it's toll and the band decided to take an indefinite hiatus in the summer of 2004. Jon formed LA-area band Monsters Are Waiting and Max and Tony performed songwriting and production duties for several artists (including Puddle of Mudd, Ryan Star, and Emily Osment). The members pursued their various projects until Max and Tony reformed the band in late 2007, playing many shows throughout the US with guitarist Matt Bair for the next three years. In spring 2011 Jon rejoined the group to the delight of many fans. Eve 6 is currently readying material for their fourth album, due some time in 2011.

If Eve 6 were in a nutshell, that's what it would taste like.

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