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Eve Hell and the Razors

Eve Hell and the Razors
Hometown: Calgary, Alberta Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Mike-Guitars
Richie- Drums
Eve- Vocals/bass

Eve Hell and the Razors Bio:

Mike and Eve first started playing together 15 years ago while attending Red Deer College. Due to their schooling, they have both been trained in many musical styles and have a very wide source for inspiration. They been involved in many projects over the years trying out different styles and different lineups until they finally hit on their true calling. Rockabilly is something you're born with, but sometimes it takes a while for you to find it in yourself. Mike bought Eve her first bass in September of 1995. He taught her a few things and she was up and running as his new bassplayer as well as wife by October of 1995. She did not become the singer of the band despite her vocal training until the Razors formed in September of 2006. (Her preference had always been to stay in the background as support.) While Mike and Eve were busy adjusting to married life and trying various projects out, their one day to be 3rd member Richie Ranchero was out on tour with the well respected three piece surf band, Huevos Rancheros, promoting their album "Dig In" (released with Mint Records) Huevos formed in 1990 and their last album release was year 2000 with "Muerte Del Toro." Since then he has played with Hurricane Felix, The Black Coffee Cowboys, Loaded Dice, the Rowdymen and well, lots of people. He's a great stand in hired gun and a highly sought after drummer. Due to their musically nurturing nature, Mike and Eve often find themselves short a player due to 3rd or 4th members getting picked up by bigger projects. It was because of this that they found themselves desperate for a stand in drummer. The name that came up again and again as a "perfect match" was Richie Ranchero. Initially hired as a stand in, Richie easily won himself the place of full third member within days of their first rehearsal. Their first show together was The Calgary Tattoo Festival held the first long weekend in September. Their next step is to play Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly weekender. It should prove to be a very decent launching point for the band in the American Market.

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