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Every Avenue

Every Avenue
Hometown: Marysville, Michigan Current Label: Fearless Records Websites: MySpace Profile
Band Members: David Ryan: Lead Vocals, Piano
Joshua Randall: Guitar, Backup Vocals
Jimmie Deeghan: Guitar, Backup Vocals
Michael Govaere: Drums, Percussion, Programming
Matt Black: Bass

Every Avenue Bio:

“Combining a highly imaginative and contemporary feel of modern rock with the driving energy of pop-punk, Every Avenue’s collective sound is a unique blend of The All-American Rejects and Fall Out Boy.” –South Florida Insider

2008 was a huge year for Marysville, Michigan natives Every Avenue, and even with their ever growing schedule, they show no signs of slowing down. The bands debut full-length album Shh. Just Go With It, which hit stores, February 19th, 2008 was produced by Zack Odom & Kenneth Mount (Mayday Parade, Cartel).

Every Avenue has just completed a busy year which included a non-stop, nationwide fall tour with All Time Low, Mayday Parade and The Maine on "The Compromising of Integrity, Morality & Principles in Exchange for Money Tour." The band is gearing up for an even bigger year with their first trip across the pond and a spot playing for hundreds on the "Take Action! Tour" this spring.

The band also released two music videos in the fall of 2008 for "Where Were You" and "Think Of You Later (Empty Room)." Both videos were featured on mtvU's Freshman 5. They were also in regular rotation at over 15,000 locations like FYE, Hot Topic, Best Buy, and American Eagle. "Think Of You Later (Empty Room)" has enjoyed over 80,000 views on Youtube since its debut in early December.

“Shh. Just Go With It takes life’s lemons and squeezes them into pure rock n’ roll joy,”

"We are really happy with the way the album came out," said guitarist Joshua Randall, "we were able to try a lot of things we always wanted to."

Every Avenue formed in 2003 and released their first self-titled record later that same year. Since then, the mid-western quintet has managed to keep a positive outlook on the music scene.

In an industry that some say has gone bleak and dark in the last year, Every Avenue sheds encouraging light to the scene by keeping fun and enthusiasm in their music, their live show, and most importantly, their attitude. After every set the band plays you will always find the boys talking and interacting with their fans.

"We try to stay fun and energetic and do it differently than other bands," said drummer Michael Govaere.

Music aside, at the shows there is one thing everyone is guaranteed to become addicted to: the pump jump. This signature move created by the boys themselves is rocking faces and taking names. When asked about the future and what it means for the band, guitarist Jimmie Deeghan simply says, "We'd rather be touring and playing music than anything else." Fans can expect to see that attitude reflected in every single second of any Every Avenue performance.

In addition to their ever increasing tour schedule, Every Avenue has solidified their status in the music world by employing the services of Keith Lazorchek with Absolute Management, adding them to an impressive roster that already includes All Time Low and Set Your Goals. They will travel the country with the help of booking agents David Galea (Paramore, The Higher) and Jeremy Holgerson (Aiden, Alesana).

Hard times and set backs have done nothing to stop these young pop-rockers from making their dreams come true. Their fun approach to music is fresh and unique, and paired together with a dedicated fan base the band has accomplished so much in such a short period of time.

"Hopes and dreams and memories, you can't take away from me," David Strauchman, lead vocalist.

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