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Hometown: Vancouver, BC Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Arend - vocals
Fernando - lead guitar
JJ - guitar
Ross - bass
Jesse - drums

Fableway Bio:

Fableway was formed in 1996, in Terrace BC.JJ,Ross,and Jesse started the band when they were in '96. In 98' Arend became the singer and recorded the first Fableway release called .."High 90's" e.p. Colin joined the band and became the frontman for the next 5 years. Fernando joined Fableway in May of 2000. In October of 2001, "No Bullshit"e.p. was recorded and was released just in northern BC. It was later pressed and released on the national distribution circuit in 2007, along with their latest release, the "Fableway" Lp. Both albums are available at and Colin left the band in september of 2004 and Arend became the lead singer once again. Fableway has been based out of Victoria B.C. for the past 6 years, playing shows and making a lot of friends. They have been lucky to share the stage with many talented acts like Dayglo Abortions, The Smalls, The Johnsons, Belvedere, High Five Drive, Tim, The Hoosegow, ,Savannah, Rise In The Fall... among many others. Their polished, technical punk sound reflects their time dilation from all the weed they've smoked since the 90's. They're currently booking a short summer and have just released their 4th album "FuckSexBBQ".


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