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Fail to Follow

Fail to Follow
Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Lewis: lead vocals
Brent: guitar
Chris: guitar
Mike B: bass
Derek: drums

Fail to Follow Bio:

Fail to Follow:....In this day and age of music it seems that what once was underground has exploded into the mainstream. What once had begun as a rebellion and defiance of popular culture has since become slave to fashion, trends, and repetition. Music that was once a yell of the angst filled youth has become the wailing screams of the sad and melancholy. Lyrical content that once promoted freethinking, defiance, strength, and unity have given way to poetic rants of lost love and lost causes. It seems that the long legacy of Punk Rock and what exactly it stood for has been forgotten.

Fail to Follow has set out to wake up and open the minds of the masses. They are on a mission to show today's youth that there are problems with the world outside of their own lives that must be dealt with. To open people's minds without mere rhetoric or falling victim to the clich of most political bands. Through thought provoking, face melting, hardcore, metal ripping music and intense live shows they intend to bring Punk Rock back to the to the scene where it belongs.

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