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Fall For Glory

Fall For Glory
Hometown: Eau Claire, Wisconsin Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Pat (guitar/vocals)
Brian (bass)
Brett (drums)
Rob (guitar/backup vocals)

Fall For Glory Bio:

Infused with the fury of modern rock and hardcore influences, the new EP from Eau Claire, WI-based Fall For Glory calls upon its punk rock roots to conjure a spirited take on a sound long-since heard, but definitely not lost. From the thundering angst of “Right Where We Belong” to the infectious optimism of “Dream Tonight,” the five tracks featured on “Front and Center” are the culmination of newfound group cohesiveness and the simple desire to create chant-along punk rock anthems to echo throughout sweaty basements and hazy clubs across the Midwest. The fruit of a year’s worth of writing, “Front and Center” was recorded by Jaime Hansen, whose work with S.Carey has been revered as an “ultimate headphone album” by BBC critics. Additional studio work was provided by Zach Hanson of the nationally touring groups Laarks and S.Carey. The album will be self-released on July 27 and available through iTunes in August.

Proudly a product of the burgeoning Eau Claire music scene, Fall For Glory has morphed into a high-energy act since its 2008 beginnings, performing more than 200 shows and embarking on two self-booked tours to the East Coast. Along the way the group has shared the stage with thrash legends D.R.I, as well as rising punk bands The Fake Boys, Trigger Effect and Protagonist.

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