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False Adults

False Adults
Hometown: Cambridge, UK Current Label: Aaahh!!! Real Records
Band Members: Dronic,
MC iPod

False Adults Bio:

"I've Wondered Sometimes, Whether I Could be a Rapper" is the début collaborative mixtape from Cambridge based rap collective False Adults, who comprise of rappers Dronic and MC iPod alongside producer and artist LXE.

The six tracks on offer are a mixture of new collaborations, re-workings of MC iPod tracks (one currently unreleased) and re-workings of previously unreleased Dronic x LXE material.

False Adults' sound takes equal parts influence from 1980s hip-hop, 1990s pop punk, and 2000s nerdcore; with lyrical themes ranging from ordering pizza to the 1917 Bolshevik revolution (and everything in between).

I've Wondered Sometimes, Whether I Could be a Rapper was originally issued in July 2017 on limited edition cassette tape, under the artist name of “MC iPod x Dronic”, and is now re-issued under the False Adults name.

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