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Far From Finished

Far From Finished
Hometown: BOSTON, Massachusetts Current Label: Old Shoe Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Vocals: Steve
Guitar: Paul
Guitar: Chris
Bass: Pesky
Drums: Marc
Organ: Josh

Far From Finished Bio:

Like six people emerging out of a Charles Bukowski story, Far From Finished rises from the pages to remind you just how fucked uplife is and just how dangerously humorous our filthy little secrets and insecurities can be. They blaze the tragic line between shame and comfort, leaving no one safe along the way. Every song leads you through a story, an opinion, or cry for help. You're brought back to a time where every breath you drew was innocence, as you fall with every minor and rise with every major.

The story of Far From Finished begins in New York. They're your average kids saying "fuck all" and grabbing the world by the balls. We're here, we're fucked up, it's our own fault, and we love it. It doesn't take long however, to find out that the world is an unforgiving place, and it'll always be stronger.

New York becomes Boston, and demons paired with melodies become songs.

With the release of their first record, Far From Finished set out on their relentless attack of touring. "Eastside of Nowhere" (GMM Records) hit stores on April 5th, 2005. The first US Tour started on April 7th, 2005. More than thirty dates of DIY touring brought five kids to places they never thought they'd see, and put them in front of people that they'll never forget. April 30th, 2005: 1:00 AM, final day of the first American tour. Far From Finished is traveling northbound on a Pennsylvania interstate, when fate catches up with each individual in the form of a near fatal accident. Their van and trailer collide with a deer and are then hurled over a guardrail. What ensued next was imminent death. Five young men rolling down a cliff, trapped within the confines of American made steel. For whatever reason: divine intervention, physics, or dumb fucking luck, everyone survives.

Through thick and thin the band pushed on. Completing multiple tours of the US, with stops in Canada, and two European tours, playing in both the smallest of dives and huge arenas, and sharing the stage with punk rock staples such as the Dropkick Murphy's, Less Than Jake, and the Real Mckenzies. Somewhere on the road they found time to stop by Do-Tell records and record a split with Hellcat's L.A. ska-punks Left Alone. With a large amount of help from friends in the punk world, a little luck, and their stubborn refusal to give up, Far From Finished has overcome adversity that would have been the end of most bands.

Kids always dream of being in a band, playing in front of thousands of screaming fans. But very few kids know the hard work and sacrifice that goes into achieving such goals. In 2001, FAR FROM FINISHED began in the basement of a church in New York. It was five kids, and one cancer infested dog, taking slugs of Jim Beam and reading lyric sheets to each other. Now, an eventful eight years later, FAR FROM FINISHED has emerged as one of the premiere punk bands not only in Boston, but also worldwide.

“We were just a bunch of kids that wanted to get away and have fun”, says drummer Marc Cannata, “and we really haven’t strayed too far from that.”

Anchor members Steve Neary (vocals) and Marc Cannata (drums) have weathered every storm a band could face. Due to their strenuous tour schedule, and plain old bad luck, they’ve faced a constantly revolving door of members. On top of not being able to nail down a steady lineup, the band also faced near tragedy when in April of 2005, they flipped their van and trailer on a Pennsylvania interstate. Luckily, all five members escaped with their lives.

“We lost everything; van, trailer, all of our gear. We were pulling t­shirts from a muddy stream. Everything we worked so hard for was taken away, literally in the time it took us to blink”, remembers Neary.

Despite adversity the band pressed on, continuing to support their debut record Eastside of Nowhere, which was released on the legendary GMM Records. 2005 culminated with FAR FROM FINISHED bringing their record and live show overseas, to the loyal punk fans of various territories and countries on the European continent. It only took one trip overseas for the band to see just how valuable and rewarding the European market would be for them.
Now in 2009, FAR FROM FINISHED is proud to be Punk Rock’s best dysfunctional family, made up of JPesky (bass), Adam Porris (lead guitar), Oscar Capps (rhythm guitar), and original members Steve Neary and Marc Cannata. “I love all the guys in the band. There are definitely times when I want to kill all of them and leave them on the side of the highway in Houston, or Serbia. But, I think that’s what makes us a family. It’s what makes our live show interesting, and it also makes us all human beings. Not characters! Rather than trying to be larger than life, we just want to show everyone our individual personalities. Because believe it or not, some of the guys are really funny.” Capps adds, “watching us live is like bringing the retards to the zoo. Steve has one hand and he jumps in the crowd; I yell at everyone ‘cause I’m crazy; Pesky usually ends up saying something disgusting ­ we just hope that at some point a glimmer of musicianship can shine through the aesthetic of the sideshow.

That, and knowing that there are kids in the audience that have bands of their own, but may lack confidence ­ we’d like to think that we help them ‘cause they could turn to each other and say, ‘we could do that’.” With 2007 came FAR FROM FINISHED’s sophomore effort, "Living In The Fallout", released on Think Fast Records in the US and People Like You Records on the European continent. Says Cannata, chief songwriter of the group, “This record was definitely something that we didn’t think people would expect from us. I think it was a real shock to a lot of our listeners, considering our level of maturity at the time, and the nature of our first release. We were much more experimental musically, most noticeably in the vocal department. I also think it was apparent that our choice of topics had undergone a shift. But we were happy with it. Like any good band, I think we listen to it now and while we appreciate it, we’re ready to grow and move forward. We want to test the limits of not only our own ears, but the ears of our listeners as well.”

In supporting "Fallout", FAR FROM FINISHED toured relentlessly on both sides of the Atlantic. They successfully headlined clubs from Boston to Berlin, often drawing sellout crowds, as well as providing support for the likes of Dropkick Murphys, Less Than Jake, No Use for a Name, and many others. Finally, hard work and the accumulation of many months away from home has turned the band into one of the better known underground punk bands in the world. “We all feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to go to the places we’ve been, and the chance to meet the people we’ve met. The beauty is that it’s not over. This summer we’ll be in Japan, and in the coming months we’ll be returning to our favorite destinations in both the US and Europe. We just want to continue to grow as a band, and keep fulfilling our passion for bringing live shows to anyone willing to watch.”.


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