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Final Four

Final Four
Hometown: Jarvis, Ontario Current Label: Insurgence Records Websites: MySpace Profile
Band Members: RYAN Sings & Plays the Guitar
ADAM Sings and Plays the Bass
RON Plays Guitar and Sings
DWAYNE Plays the Drums

Final Four Bio:

Hey Yo!!! Were the Final Four. We've been rocken the underground since 1995. We just released a S/T ablum on Toronto Ontario's Insurgence Records. If your into Social Distortion, Dropkick Murphy's or just rock n roll that kicks balls check us out "Great anthem punk from these SoOntarioites. Imagine the Clash if they stayed true to their original vision, with some SoCal hardcore mixed in to speed up the mix. Even when they do harmony, it never sounds wuss(or, heaven forbid, emo), but kicks balls right through the entire CD. The purity of their sound is heaven. Like D.O.A and Anti-Flag, there's the fight-rather-then bow attitude".

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