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Flag Of Democracy

Flag Of Democracy
Hometown: Philadelphia Current Label: SRA Records Websites: Facebook Profile
Band Members: dave=bass bob=drums jim=guitar

Flag Of Democracy Bio:

Flag Of Democracy (frequently referred to as F.O.D.) are an exceptionally fast melodic hardcore punk band from the Philadelphia suburbs active from 1982-present, with the current lineup forming in 1986. The band has had an illustrious 27+ year career, playing their first show with Minor Threat and Agnostic Front, touring internationally and amassing large audiences in such corners of the world as Japan and Western Europe (the latter being home to their longtime label Bitzcore Records).

Musically, the group plays a mix of melodic punk, frequently with two-part vocal lines, and noisy, dissonant hardcore, often at extreme speeds - many F.O.D. songs push past 200 beats-per-minute. Drummer Bob Walker is one of the few drummers in hard rock to play with traditional grip, a drumstick position commonly associated with jazz drumming.

Founding bassist Zeke Zagar had only a brief tenure in the band, but went on to co-found McRad after leaving F.O.D. Bassist Dave Rochon also played drums in The Blunder Boys (aka Crib Death).

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