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Hometown: Detroit, Michigan Current Label: Thorp Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Justin - Drums
Eric - Guitar
Dave - Bass
Wedge -Vocals
Brian - Guitar

Fordirelifesake Bio:

Detroit's FORDIRELIFESAKE were conceived on Halloween night in 1999. They began playing many shows around their home town and quickly became an immediate sensation. In the summer of 2000 they self-released a CDEP and sold through the first pressing quickly. They played locally with bands like Poison The Well, Walls of Jericho, the Suicide Machines, New Found Glory, Waterdown, Blue Skies Burning, Grade, and Keepsake. Each time gaining more and more local fans, and selling more and more merchandise. They also began playing many weekend shows out of state to gain a following in surrounding areas like Milwaukee, Chicago, New York, and Windsor Ontario. This feverish activity led to a deal with FORGE AGAIN RECORDS who released a split CD for FORDIRELIFESAKE along with WAFFLEHOUSE.

In February 2002, the band released their debut full length "Breathing In Is Only Half The Function" on CLOUD OVER HEAD RECORDS. The record received immediate approval from their growing fanbase. The band then hit the road for a week with Canadian friends, Boys Night Out (One Day Savior Recordings/Ferret Records) as a short initial tour for the record.

FORDIRELIFESAKE has now found a home with THORP RECORDS. The band's distinct and engaging mix of metal, hardcore, and melody will capture the attention of any astute follower of underground music. FORDIRLIFESAKE are constantly pushing the boundaries of aggressive music and seemlessly blending genres to create their own brand of sonic delight. Starting off with a split with Holland's DELUGE (to be released on THORP early 2003) to wet people's appetites, the band will begin touring and working on material for what will surface to be their debut THORP full length release sometime end of 2003.

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