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Forever Starts Today

Forever Starts Today
Hometown: Austin, Texas Current Label: Third String Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Christina Murphy - Vocals
Nathan Dunn - Guitar
Kyle Salaga - Bass
Troy Hirschhorn - Guitar
Nick Turner - Drums

Forever Starts Today Bio:

Originating from Austin, TX, the female-fronted power pop/punk outfit Forever Starts Today consisting of Christina Murphy (Lead Vocals), Nathan Dunn (Guitar & Vocals), Troy Hirschhorn (Guitar), Kyle Salaga (Bass), and Nicholas Turner (Drums), sprinkle messages of hope, positivity, and discovery throughout their lyrics. The band's message, "Your Forever Starts Today, and the possibilities are LIMITLESS" which continues to push their theme that "no matter where you've come from or where you are in this moment, you can obtain any kind of future as long as you work hard and take action." While their music exudes positive vibes, it wasn't always that way for lead singer, Christina Murphy.

Before embarking in music, Murphy had a close career in professional Motocross Racing. She first threw her leg over a dirtbike at the age of 12 and it wasn't love at first ride... it was bruises and blood at first face-plant! After years of going to the dirtbike track with her Dad and brother, she eventually started racing motocross at 15 years old. Year after year she would outgrow each bike and need something faster; faster bikes, faster tracks, bigger races! From 16 - 18, she was traveling across the United States racing with her father and eventually at 18 she was training to compete in her first national, the Ponca City Qualifiers in Oklahoma. While training for the qualifiers at a Motocross camp in Arkansas, Murphy was charging too fast for a jump and over cleared it, causing her to wreck, shattering her pelvis and breaking wrist. She was air lifted in a jet back to Texas for immediate surgery and was confined to a wheelchair for some time. Three months and a miraculous recovery later, she was joyous to be BACK on the bike! While riding a track in Houston, Murphy landed a jump wrong, breaking both of her wrists on impact and was once again sent to the hospital for treatment. The trauma from the injuries and the brutal healing process was treacherous. With the extended down-time she channeled her competitive and creative spirit into what owned the other half of her heart...Music.

Beginning her career with Youtube covers, Murphy gained some notable recognition and eventually enlisted in friends to be in her backing band at local shows. Fast forward to 2013, Murphy began her journey in the music world by releasing her debut album Live Faster Love Stronger under Tate Music Group. While promoting the record she landed a stint on The Vans Warped Tour where she gained significant praise for her vocal ability and garnered attention from radio and media. Prior to the release of her sophomore album, she decided to no longer perform under her first and last name but bring in her entire backing band to switch over to Forever Starts Today. While the lineup has changed over the years, one of the original members exists today, Nathan Dunn, Forever Starts Today's guitarist. In addition, Forever Starts Today welcomed former Carousel Kings artist Kyle Salaga (Bass), Nicholas Turner (Drums), and Troy Hirschhorn (Guitar) to round out the current line up.

With a new line up in tote, the band enlisted in producer Joseph Milligan (lead guitarist of Anberlin), to cut and record their debut EP Limitless at Orb Studios on March 23, 2016. Off the EP, the band released "We'll Come Alive," "Catch Me If You Can," and "Limitless" with critical acclaim. During the EP cycle the band opened for The Ready Set, Set It Off, Myka Relocate, Blindwish, Jonny Craig, In Her Own Words, JT Woodruff of Hawthorne Heights, Capstan, Firestarter and Across The Atlantic, as well as performances at both the 2016 and 2017 So What?! Music Festival.

Fast forward a year later and the band enlisted in Milligan's expertise once again, this time for their debut full length, Always Hope and delightfully signed with Third String Records. The record is a feel good masterpiece about always keeping your head up and never letting anything defeat you. While Murphy has gone through her triumphant highs and terrible lows, the new formulated band line up couldn't be more perfect for today's sound. The 5 piece unit tackled writing Always Hope meticulously by starting with the foundation of the song and adding varying arrangements and instrumentation with each member taking their time to fine tune it. Finally when the instrumentation was near completion, Murphy added lyrics to give the track a finishing touch.

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