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For The Worse

For The Worse
Hometown: HARDCORE, Massachusetts Current Label: Arrest Records Websites: MySpace Profile
Band Members: Mike - Vocals
Brian - Drums
Tommy - Guitar
Dominic - Guitar
Ryan - Bass

For The Worse Bio:

After the dust had settled on the brief, turbulent era of Boston's A POOR EXCUSE, front man Mike McCarthy pursued a career in the pro wrestling circuit, spilling his blood in the ring instead of at shows for a change. But the hardcore punk scene pulled him back and with the help of A Poor Excuse's original drummer Brian Scott, they formed FOR THE WORSE, taking the no bullshit punk element of A.P.E. and combining it with an element of speedy hardcore with a touch of metal riffs courteousy of Dominic on guitar. They've gone through two member changes since the beginning but are playing more shows than ever. The current lineup features Gary on 2nd guitar and Joe on bass. "Blood, Guts, Going Nuts" has long since been a credo of the band and it's only fitting that their new album, their best yet, has that for a title.


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    Incredible work

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    dangerous pic

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