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Frankie Stubbs

Frankie Stubbs
Hometown: Sunderland, UK Current Label: Little Rocket Records Websites: Facebook Profile
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Frankie Stubbs Bio:

After a hiatus of five years Frankie Stubbs once again took up the guitar and sat and sang his way through some highlights of his former band Leatherface in Hamburg in April 2018. This was to celebrate the audio-visual 7” vinyl single My Heart Is Home (Sounds of Subterrania). It was an emotional night for all who attended not least Stubbs himself as the crowd sang along with him to acoustic versions of the Sunderland band’s now classic punk rock songs. Frankie dedicated Don’t You Ever Say Goodbye to his long-time friend and fellow band member the late Dickie Hammond.

Stubbs is due to make an appearance at this year’s Pouzza Festival #8 after his long-time friend and band member Graeme Philliskirk, asked him to play. Philliskirk (Leatherface / Medictation), who is a curator of Pouzza, along with Hugo Mudie (The Sainte Catherines / Medictation) will welcome Stubbs rare acoustic performance in Montreal on the 18th-20th May 2018. Stubbs who has been rehearsing in the Little Rocket Records studio was recorded by Philliskirk. To celebrate this Little Rocket Records have released a version of Frankie, playing Don’t You Ever Say Goodbye, live in the studio going through his set to be performed at this increasingly popular and ever-expanding Festival on this year’s music calendar.

From Cherry Knowle to the Leatherface’s last studio album, the brilliant The Stormy Petrel the music of Leatherface is essential listening to all lovers of post punk rock and is easily found online. And there is plenty who have waxed lyrically about their music over the years.

James McMahon writing for the UK newspaper The Guardian, put it succinctly when describing the music of Leatherface, “This is music that demanded a degree of effort, or at least investment, on the part of the listener. But then, most of the best things do.”

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