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Frank Turner

Frank Turner
Hometown: United Kingdom Current Label: Xtra Mile Recordings Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Frank Turner: Guitar, Voice, Superego
Ben Lloyd - Guitar, Harmonica, Mandolin Tarrant Anderson - Bass
Matt Nasir - Piano, Organ, Guitar, Vocals
Nigel Powell - Drums, Percussion, Vocals

Frank Turner Bio:

Continuing his meteoric rise, celebrated folk-punk singer-songwriter Frank Turner will release his third studio album, Poetry of the Deed, on Sept. 8, via Epitaph/Xtra Mile. Already a household name in the UK, the acclaimed troubadour has his sights set on winning over US fans with his ardent roots driven acoustic rock and relentless touring.

With the help of Grammy nominated producer Alex Newport (Death Cab For Cutie, At The Drive-In, Two Gallants), Turner captures the essence of his fervent live show with Poetry of the Deed. Powerfully candid and charismatic, Turner's hardcore roots shine through with fiery passion as he embarks on a lyrical journey of life experiences that speak to listeners with great honesty and authenticity.

From the epic country-punk rambler "The Road," to the anti-folk manifesto "Poetry of the Deed," to the political rants of "Sons of Liberty" and the rousing punk anthem "Try This At Home," Poetry of the Deed establishes Turner as one of the most inspiring and lyrically gifted songwriters of the last few decades.

"Poetry of the Deed feels like a really important record to me," explains Turner. "I feel like I've been rehearsing for this, working out what I wanted to say, for the past few albums, and now this is it, the definitive statement. It's also a massive thing for me to have an album being released internationally and through Epitaph to boot. It's my manifesto for living."

Afflicted by something akin to restless guitar syndrome, Turner has toured virtually non-stop for years, playing everything from massive festivals to crowded house parties, stopping only briefly for a week to record Poetry of the Deed. His well documented performances and journeys capture the spirit of a legend in the making, reminiscent to the heydays of folk inspired artists like Billy Bragg and Bob Dylan with crowds singing in union, drinks clinking with camaraderie and Turner pouring his heart out on stage through his earnest lyrics and catchy guitar play. After a recent stint opening for The Offspring, September can't come soon enough when Turner will return to the US on tour with Gaslight Anthem in support of the rousing Poetry of the Deed.

Critics first took notice of Turner's exceptionally captivating music at SXSW, his fellow musicians have known for years and US audiences will know soon.


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