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Garrahans Ghost

Garrahans Ghost
Hometown: York, Pennsylvania Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Dan Shiflet (Accordion)
Clint Keener (Fiddle)
Barry Jewels (Mandolin)
Roo Nevin (Vocals/Guitar)
Joe Anderson (Guitar)
Trent Eisenhart (Bass)
Pat Ness (Drums)

Garrahans Ghost Bio:

Garrahan's Ghost came to be one lazy Saturday afternoon about two years ago as fiddler Clint Keener, guitarist Joe Anderson, and brothers' Aaron (former bodrahn player) and Dan Shiflet (accordionist) began learning a handful of traditional Irish folk songs... it was after a common ground and goal were established that Garrahan’s Ghost sought out singer/guitarist Andrew Nevin and Barry Jewels on mandolin. Growing up together, the six members of Garrahan’s Ghost had always been trying to tap into their own creative vein in music. In the beginning, at least fifteen years ago, most of the members found themselves drawn to fast paced, angst-driven punk rock. The sounds of their bands blasted from shacks deep in the woods, local fire-halls, and many other random places. These common roots and lessons learned thereafter brought these once young friends to reunite with traditional instruments in hand. This time, however, within a genre which could best be described as "non-traditional" folk. After a few months of Irish traditionals to set the stage and build momentum, the original songs began to flow freely from each member. From that point on, writing heart-felt and unique material has become the primary focus of the band. The band’s name, Garrahan’s Ghost, originates from Dan and Aaron’s Irish great-grandfather. And, although totally accidental and ironic, the latest set of originals have been mostly themed around tales of each member’s immigrant ancestors. We plan to release their first all original album in Spring 2010. Following the release of the record, the band will continue to play their favorite local pubs around York, Harrisburg, Lancaster, and Gettysburg and surrounding areas.

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