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Get The Most
Hometown: Seattle, Washington Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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During the Summer of ’05 two old chums, Kram and Bubs were on tour with their bands Go It Alone and Blue Monday. Whilst traveling the United States together they came up with the idea of a band. This band was to play Hardcore in the vein of some of the two’s favorite bands of yore (Youth Of Today, Insted, Uniform Choice, Unity, Chain Of Strength, Unit Pride…). It was also decided that they would take up rolls not before undertaken by the two in their previous bands. Kram would play drums and Bubs would be on top of the vocal duties. Upon their triumphant return to Vancouver that Fall they quickly recruited the sometime GIA/BM roadie/Seattle Edgeman known as Face to play bass and the In Stride Guitarist/Vancouver Edgeman who goes by Today’s Man to play guitar. Face made a list of potential band names out of which Bubs chose Get The Most.

On December 10th of 2005 GTM dropped their demo entitled “Core Values” and played their first show at Chad and Andy’s apartment in Langley, BC. Since then the band has played many shows around the Northwest, released an EP on Germany’s Crucial Response Records, picked up Ace (GIA axeman/man of leisure) to play guitar, released another EP on Crucial Response, and made a couple of short trips to California and the East Coast to play shows with friends The First Step. In 2008 Aram pressed the GTM demo on a 7″ making it React! Records first release. Since then Today’s Man left the fold to concentrate on Keep It Clear and be a guy who stands by his union and in his place Beej (ON/ TFS Crew/ manly man) came in on the axe.

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