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Go Great Guns

Go Great Guns
Hometown: Quebec City, Quebec, Canada Current Label: Thousand Islands Records Websites: Facebook Profile
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In the spring of 2015, shortly after he found an old demo he had composed and self-recorded under de strange pseudonym Matt-Ô-Batt, Mathieu started looking for musicians interested in forming a rock band in Quebec City. Within weeks, Jeff (bass), Alex (vocals, guitars) and PL (drums) joined Mathieu (guitars) and founded Go Great Guns.

They quickly found out that they shared a lot of influences and a particular attachment to 90’s punk rock. After spending some time working on covers and songs from the demo, they soon felt the need to create new material. Two years after its foundation, Go Great Guns is proud to present its debut album, characterised by a heavy sound, fast and engaging rythms, shredding guitars and catchy vocal melodies.

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