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Goodbye Jersey

Goodbye Jersey
Hometown: Hamburg, Germany Current Label: Long Beach Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Kay (Drums)
Billy (Bass)
Ulf (Vox, Trompete)
Pedi (Vox, Guitar)

Goodbye Jersey Bio:

Goodbye Jersey are four young gentlemen from Hamburg, Germany.

Since forming the band in January 2009 these guys spread what they call ‘melodic bugle-punk’: Fast, melodic skate punk meets a trumpet.

Within their first two years Goodbye Jersey recorded an EP (‘Tastes Like Shit’) and a full-length album (‘Entertain Me!’), appearing on Long Beach Records Europe. You might wanna check out the lyrics ‘cause this band is 100% love song free and doesn’t bore you with that no-good TV and mainstream radio crap. They sing about societal und political issues often combined with own experiences. And there is also enough space for life’s sunny sides…

What this band loves much more than being in the studio and recording songs is - of course - playing a show! Goodbye Jersey played with bands like ‘No Use For A Name’, ‘This Is A Standoff’, ‘Left Alone’, ‘Big D and the Kids Table’, ‘Star Fucking Hipsters’, etc. and there is no end in sight.

To put it in snotty words: Goodbye Jersey - four dudes kick ass. Join them and ‘fuck that place up’!

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