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Hail Seizures

Hail Seizures
Hometown: Olympia, Washington Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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The Hail Seizures translate dark punk and underground hardcore into acoustic instruments. There is a slipshod and improvised characteristic to their lineup: bottom of the line acoustic guitars, a drumset made from a suitcase, a childs violin and an old cello that clashes wildly with the ornately composed songs, that jump back and froth between catchy sing along choruses to brutal and lopsided rythyms that you would expect more from your local metal band than any normal folk act.

They seem perfectly comfortable mixing up colors of Cyndi Lauper with those of crust-gods Ballast changing time signatures a couple of times and then bringing you back to a campfire singalong. Lyrically they mix anarchic rage and lament with the fireside sentimentality of an northwest winter, and the fuzzy animal dreamland of any true Olympia WA indie act. They have scoured the highways of America and the sewers of Europe, playing self-booked, completely DIY tours and we hope they continue to do so for years to come.

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