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Hard Charger

Hard Charger
Hometown: Fredericton New Brunswick Canada Current Label: No List Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Tom, Dave, Shawn

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Hard Charger was formed in 2006 by three friends in Fredericton, We play Fast Loud Crust'n'Roll in bars,halls,fields,bassments,bedrooms, parking lots ect and plan to for a long time! in 2010 we added a 4th member. In 2013 that member left on a drug Induced Spiritual Journey now only time will tell if he will return, until then we continue as a trio. Hard Charger want to play all over the world please get in contact

Chrome Lord 7'' Avail. thru Waste of Time/Primeval Sounds
"This Machine is Driving" LP and S/T Album"
Available in North America thru No List Records
Available in Europe thu Counteract Recordings

Hard Charger Bombs Will Reign 7'' Available thru Nerve Hold Records

Hard Charger/IRONFIST 7'' (Capital Kill) Available Thru us very limited amount left in press, also get in contact for patches,pins and tshirts

Hard Charger
By Keith Carman

Easily the gruffest, most venomous band Canada has had since Kittens,Fredericton’s Hard Charger dispel any myth that the Great White North can’t blast with the best of them on this ferocious eponymous effort.Taking influences from punk rock’n’roll’s expediency, as defined by genre greats such as Zeke and Hookers, yet roughing up the edges even more with the curtness and low-end rumbling exemplified by Venom,Disfear and Discharge, Hard Charger is a relentless hammering of frenzied drums, crackling guitars and guttural vocals that borders on an attack equivalent to Death Breath or Blood Duster. Gutsy andconfrontational without seeming bone-headed, there’s a sinister auraabout Hard Charger. (No List)Exclaim

This is HARD CHARGER’s first official release and they really embrace the MOTORHEAD sound similar in the way that early INEPSY did. There is a bit more d-beat to HARD CHARGER’s sound with a rougher more edgier sound. The distortion is evident and I think it is that this Fredericton trio are probably just playing way louder than they should. But it doesn’t hurt this release. It just suggests how over the top these guys can be. If you were to take MOTORHEAD and amp up the speed to a DISRUPT pace HARD CHARGER is what you get. A crustier update of MOTORHEAD. Some of the classics like “Beer Bandit” and “Hellbound” have been re-recorded for this and a host of new ones not found on the first demo. ( – SP Equalizing Distort

'Lyrics: unintelligible. Production: ultra-raw. Speed: warp.Allegiance: evil. That's about all you need to know about Hard Charger,a savage three-piece from New Brunswick. These guys are Royal Albertan anarchists through and through, and if you dig metal-punk bands such as Zeke but crave howling death-metal vocals, check this out. While it could use a little more production at times, the songs are short blasts of rage that seldom top two minutes, and we all know this type of music is best served on a bloody buzzsaw with a shot of Jag. Vicious. B+
— Mike Warkentin (Uptown Magazine)'Uptown Magazine

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