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Hated till Proven

Hated till Proven
Hometown: United Kingdom Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Adam Ambrose - Guitar &Vocals
Kieron Bache - Guitar & Vocals
Mickey Lightburn - Bass
Craig Lightburn - Drums

Hated till Proven Bio:

In a time where the country is in tatters, people have lost faith in the system and the government is corrupting its own people, there has never been more of a time for punk rock. The radio is full of the same indie bullshit and the general public won't look past the charts for their music. This country needs attitude more than ever before. This country needs bands like Hated Till Proven. We are a real punk rock band from Cheshire. We started in October 2008 playing our first gig in March 2009 at the Box in Crewe. Drawing influences from classic punk bands such as Minor Threat, The Exploited and Riot 99 we play fast hard hitting punk rock. Our live shows are chaotic and high energy. We are just looking for gigs anywhere that will have us. We are committed to having a good time and making sure the audience does as well. Special mention to Faintest Idea, Blame Jack, UK Vomit, Near the Knuckle, Roughneck Riot & all the other bands that have made our gigs as fun as they have been. Punks not dead. *****UPDATE****** I felt it was about time to write a new piece on here as alot of things have changed in the world of Hated till Proven. We have had a break of recent due to Adam going travelling and Keiron having a baby but now we are back on track and writing new material. We are currently going through the process of bringing in a vocalist meaning we can experiment with our songs a little more but it will still be the same hard hitting, fast punk rock you have all grown to know/love/hate.

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