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Head North

Head North
Hometown: Buffalo, New York Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Facebook Profile
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Band Members: James Celeste - Vocals
Brent Martone - Guitar
Chris Winter - Bass
Ben "Boon" Lieber - Drums

Head North Bio:

Head North came out swinging with their debut EP “Arrows”. Recorded with Paul Leavitt (who has worked with artists like All Time Low, The Dangerous Summer, I Call Fives etc.) “Arrows” combines pop-rock sensibility with the raw power of punk with an outcome that has a fresh new sound that is exactly what this genre has been waiting for. The lyrics touch on themes of youth, change and all the loss associated with it, which vocalist James Celeste delivers with ferocity and beauty. Head North is a force that will demand attention in the months to come with a rigorous tour schedule, and a record that will bring new life to the genre.

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