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Hell Sea

Hell Sea
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Band Members: JonCon

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Hell Sea began in 2002. Amherst, Massachusetts. Jonathan Contrada and Jesse Cook met just a semester before, connecting through a love for the pop punk of those days. That Spring the two would meet John Shannahan getting wasted on Amity Street. Patrick Contrada became the rock and mainstay drummer for what was then called Lucky Caderra.

The band was different then. It took on many shapes and names through 2005. JonCon went on to pass the bar. Jesse moved to NYC. John Shannahan married his long time love. Pat studied to become the best fucking barber in New England. Hell Sea is a rising Phoenix. Jamie McCarthy is it's special flaming tail. The band is stronger and wiser, with a mission statement:

We don't play covers and we don't play barbeques. That shit is lame. House parties are a different story. Let us play your house party.

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