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Hit The Switch

Hit The Switch
Hometown: Chino, California Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: MySpace Profile
Band Members: Git Fiddle: Matt Hawks
lower octaves: Brian Perry
lead battle axe: Joel Urias
Kick and Crash: Scott Perry

Hit The Switch Bio:

Cobbled together from the remains of various bands, Hit The Switch formed in September 2004. The band immediately started writing songs together and didn't waste any time at committing those songs to an album. The band self-produced their debut, Domestic Tranquility & Social Justice, at Love Juice Labs in Riverside.

Admittedly, there's no subtlety in a title like Domestic Tranquility & Social Justice, but Hit The Switch refuses to pull punches. They write music with a message, and considering the message it makes sense that the band wants more control over the medium. Hit The Switch and their label, Nitro Records, will give the album away in two waves beginning with the official July 18th release of the album. Singer Matthew Hawks explains: "We don't need to depend on corporations to get our message to people."

The message? Well, don't expect the band to advocate any one system or proselytize for any specific way of thinking. Instead they encourage people to look around and pick the causes that are important to them. "We just want to make people aware of what they're contributing to everyday—to be conscious of what's out there and who is accountable."


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    I am great singer.

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    Really very good band here

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