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Honolulu Breakdown

Honolulu Breakdown
Hometown: Germany Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Ivo - left guitar & vocs
Flo - right guitar & vocs
Tim - vocs & bass
Fab - drums & vocs

Honolulu Breakdown Bio:

We are a band from Hessen’s highlands in the heart of Germany. You might know Hessians from the movie ‘Sleepy Hollow’, but we still have our heads on our shoulders…
Honolulu Breakdown is the name for our special brew of favorite musical styles. We think of it as a strong cocktail, one so potential it not just gives you a hangover but a complete breakdown - so responsible consumption is highly recommended at the beaches of hell…
Ok, not the best explanation for a lame band name…but who cares? You? We? Them?

The band started out in the late 90ies, so we're close to celebrating our tenth anniversary - hell, we’re old. In the beginning (and we are talking almost ten years here) it was meant only as a project of four speed freaks. Tim and Ivo are brothers, so they knew each other anyway. Fabi is the best drummer around, a skatepunk devotee and used to play in an oldskool punk band together with Ivo. Flo was Tim’s classmate, and after playing with him in a good ol’ school band, he joined Honolulu at the age of 14!

As you might have found out already, we are lazy bastards! It took us almost a decade to put up this myspace and to record our songs. But hell yeah, we’re from Hessen! We surely and dearly love melodies, harmonies and high speed songs, and we love bands that play this kind of music.

Tim and Fabi write the songs, Flo interprets them uniquely, and Ivo just plays whatever the f**k he wants. And that’s it…period!


  1. shanewaston
    shanewaston2/1/2016 5:31 AM | Permalink

    good job

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