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How Dare You

How Dare You
Hometown: Orlando, Florida Current Label: Kiss of Death Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Justin Goldman
Zach Swain
Elliot Meyer
Seth "Pizza Bro" Duffala

How Dare You Bio:

We started this in 2007. Two guitars, two singers, a bass, some drums and there you have it. How Dare You. Four guys beaten down by humidity in the heart of Disneyworld; surrounded by british tourists, bros and old people.

Turning to the only true thing we had left- we started to play our instruments really loud. Soon the loud, unorganized noise fell into place and we were left with a couple of songs that took something from the punk rock we spent our teens and early twenties idolizing and decided they were worth showing to people. We recorded some songs and decided to play a couple of shows.

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