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In The Face Of War

In The Face Of War
Hometown: Kokomo, Indiana Current Label: Pee Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Ben Sutton - Vocals
CJ Sutton - Guitar
Nate Black - Guitar
JR - bass
Matt Nelson - Drums

In The Face Of War Bio:

Coming a long way from their inception nearly six years ago, IN THE FACE OF WAR has grown from a way for a few friends to relieve Indiana boredom to a mainstay in the ever-changing Midwest punk/hardcore scene. Over the course of the band's life they have gained a loyal following and have proved themselves to be as dedicated to hard work as they are to having fun.

Three years later, after many local and regional shows, and some member changes, ITFOW fine-tuned their sound. In December of 2004 the band released their second CD, "Live Forever or Die Trying" and decided to take on the road. In the course of 2005, ITFOW played more than 150 dates all over the country, in support of the new recording (released by Init Records). During this time ITFOW shared the stage with some of the heaviest hitting bands in today's underground music scene, including but not limited to: Bane, Comeback Kid, Underminded, Haste the Day, This is Hell, The Dillinger Escape Plan, As I Lay Dying, Evergreen Terrace, Embrace Today, Blacklisted, Norma Jean, Casey Jones, Shai Hulud, Verse, Breather Resist, Stretch Armstrong, and Ruiner.

Entering ITFOW's sixth year as a band, all told it hasn't been easy. It hasn't always been fun. It hasn't always been cheap. But working through the hard times, the down times, the angry times when it seems like nothing will work out, has solidified their passion and desire to push boundaries of hardcore, to not settle for open chugging mosh riffs or anthems devoid of humility. After recording countless practice sessions, burning hundreds of CDR demos, printing thousands of fliers for shows, going through three vans with multiple breakdowns, losing members without warning, touring while bills mount up at home, ITFOW gained even more resolve; to play shows, to make people's jaws drop, and to show people that hardcore is not a dead or an overplayed genre, but that it still has heart and worth.

In 2006 ITFOW found a new home with the newly founded Detournement Records, and began the process of writing and recording for the new release, titled "We make Our Own Luck". They have put together eleven tracks with music and lyrics reflecting their unashamed passion. Don't just expect another hardcore album that you will tell your friends you may have heard but can't remember what it sounds like. With the release one of the most relevant hardcore albums in years, ITFOW is sure to become a band that everyone includes in their CD collection.

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