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Jacuzzi Fiend

Jacuzzi Fiend
Hometown: San Fernando Valley, California Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: MySpace Profile
Band Members: Ryan Valdesuso - Lead Guitar
Chance Raspberry - Vocals / Rhythm Guitar
Sean Hunter - Bass
Nick Barber - Drums
Ryan Mckendall - Piano

Jacuzzi Fiend Bio:

Jacuzzi Fiend is a melodic punk rock band that began as the collaboration of musicians Ryan Valdesuso and Chance Raspberry. The two guitartists had been writing songs independently for years when they decided to put their heads together as high school sophomores during the autumn of 1998. Overbored, (Jacuzzi Fiend's original band name...along with several others that didn't quite make the cut, such as Angry Ceiling, Snarfling Ardvark, and Disgruntled Garden Hose -- yes, FOR REAL) began as the result of this union, and the two went straight to work, writing and composing several movements of music with bassist and mutual friend, Sean Hunter. At that time, however, the trio was still diligently searching for a percussionist. After a few try-outs, they combined forces with an energetic young lad named Nick Barber and Jacuzzi Fiend was born.

Over the years, Jacuzzi Fiend spent many a late night fine-tuning their sound. After starting out as a more punk-based band like their influences Strung Out and NOFX, they gradually became a mixture of part punk, part metal, part emo, ALL melodic! In their final months together, they referred to themselves as the creators of "Speed Emo."

The members of Jacuzzi Fiend parted ways in early 2002. Leaving behind two CDs and a rare EP cassette entitled, "Good Enough," they each ventured off in search of their place in the world. With college, careers, and relationships all lying ahead, the band disappeared from the public eye, but not from the hearts and minds of those they had touched.

"Though our musical union is no more, we still get together from time to time for occasional jam sessions, or to reminisce about the good ol' days and just hang out. We are so thankful for all our wonderful families, friends, and loved ones!! You stuck by us through the good times and the bad, and stayed right there from beginning to end. We love you all so very much, for without you, there would be no Jacuzzi Fiend!" -- Chance Raspberry (JFiend Vocals)

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