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The Uprising

The Uprising
Hometown: warzone, California Current Label: Long Live Crime Records Websites: Official Website
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The Uprising is the bastard son of El Centro (an OC punk rock band around since 1993). The Uprising is a band from Orange County, California with old-school roots in the OC punk scene. They're comprised of four members, three of which have played together in bands for the better part of 15 years. The sound is a solid and politically charged.

Recently signed to Long Live Crime Records (also the home of El Centro), The Uprising's latest release Appetite For Deception is due to be released in February 2009. The material was recorded under the watchful eyes and ears of Greg Hetson (Bad Religion/Circle Jerks) and Jim Monroe (NARC studios).

Probably the most amazing thing about The Uprising is the fact that they are even able to play today. In 2002 the band's singer Steve "Crabby" Cabler was in a nightclub in Bali, Indonesia when a 2000-lb. terrorist bomb killed over 200 people. Crabby lost his best friend in the blast and was severely injured himself. He had a broken scapula, blown out cochlias in his ears, and third-degree burns on his ears, hands, and elsewhere.

Burned and broken, Crabby returned to the US not able to pay his rising medical bills or rent, etc. The US government turned their back on Crabby since he was not a victim of terrorism on American soil like the 911 victims. The punk rock community (Pennywise, US Bombs, Unit F, Shattered Faith, DI, The Rolemodels, Drain Bramaged, El Nada, The Line and Arkham, special props to Troy Eckert and Volcom) however did NOT turn their back. The punk rock community came together for a benefit show that raised enough money to pay Crabby's medical bills and get him back on his feet.

Crabby has since overcome most of his physical injuries, and despite doctors telling him he would never be able to sing again... he's making more noise than ever. It turns out he and the band have something to say.


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