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Hometown: Castellón - Málaga - Portland (Maine Current Label: Rum Bar Records Websites: Facebook Profile
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Band Members: Jose Andrés Albertos: Drums. Kurt Baker: Bass and backing vocals. Luis Sánchez: Guitar and Lead vocals

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K7s are a Pop Punk band from Spain. Their sugary sweet, hook laden, power-chords, encompass elements of punk, power pop, and garage rock. Tossing a dash of Ramones, a sprinkle of MTX, a touch of Green Day, The Queers and The Muffs into a blender, and you’ll get where we are coming from. Punk Rock with hooks-a-plenty, lyrics that’ll stick to your Chuck Taylor soul like street corner melted bubblegum, and a knack for writing 3 minutes songs packing way more bounce to the once. Featuring your new favorite songs… heck just go ahead and listen, we won’t judge you for pogoing.

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