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Hometown: Calgary, Canada Current Label: Stumble Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: kyle: vocals
clay: guitar
matt: bass
jimmy: guitar
eric: drums

Knucklehead Bio:

We play punk rock. We're from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We've been around for almost 15 years. We've toured most of North America and we've issued 8 releases on various independent Canadian, American and European record labels. Knucklehead started out as a 3 piece in the mid 1990's with Matt on bass, Clay on guitar and Kyle juggling lead vocals and drums. Eventually Kyle moved up front and we picked up a couple of strays to play the drums and lead guitar (Eric and Jimmy). Our newest CD is entitled the new black list, and it's released on Stumble records from St Catherines Ontario. We love doing this and still try to tour as much as we can, we've made a ton of good friends in the process and hope to meet a ton more. If you have a question or comment feel free to ask, we always try and write back. We are in the process of recording a new CD, no release date yet but keep checking back. Cheers KH Video from Paul Smith whilst we were in Victoria. We did the music for this Mocumentary "Kayfabe" It's based on the story of Matt's rise and fall in his semi-pro wrestleing career, although he's not mentioned in the film, it's about him. The video our friend Rosie did for us "Plight of The Living Dead" Jimmy's in the video too before he was in the band. A documentary on our new friend Kole by his dad, watch for it on CBC. A brilliant cover of "Voice Among Us"


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    You’ve been my favorite band since 1998 when my friends brother gave him a copy of “Voice Among Us.” You need to do another Calgary Show…I need to replenish my CD’s…Had to order them out of the U.K. and Italy.

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